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Sharing everything you need to know on how to smoke trout It is extremely easy & is a real treat with a unique flavor that just can’t be beat!


For the Brine – Water – Kosher Salt – Brown Sugar – Whole Trout For Smoking – Butter – Lemon

step 1

Soak the fish in the brine for 6 hrs in the refrigerator.  Then take the fish out of the brine, rinse them well & lay them on a raised baking tray.

step 2

Cover them with Press-N-Seal & set it back in the fridge overnight.

step 3

Optional – Add 3 pads of butter & a couple of lemon slices to the body cavity & another couple of slices of lemon on top.  If you prefer, you can skip this step. A simple, plain smoked trout is delicious!

step 5

Smoke it until the temperature of the fish reaches 160 degrees.  This took about 2-3.5 hrs, but the amount of time will vary significantly, so keep checking the temperature.