Try these fun Grilled Peaches for a dessert tonight! It takes just a few minutes to grill & make a phenomenal after-dinner treat for your family.


Toasted Pecans – Pecans – Butter melted Grilled Peaches – Peaches – Olive Oil Honey and Goat Cheese Filling – Goat Cheese – Honey

step 1

pecan prep

Mix pecans with melted butter & place in a small cast iron pan

Stir the pecans every 2 mins to prevent them from burning & remove them after about 10 mins

step 2

prep the peaches

Cut the peaches in half & remove the pit. Brush olive oil on the cut face of the peach to prevent sticking.

step 3

grill the peaches

Place them, cut side down, on the grill & set the timer for four minutes each side.

step 4


Mix the honey & goat cheese together. Scoop a little bit of the mixture & put in the middle of the peach.

Top it off with the roasted pecans. Enjoy!