This easy recipe uses Dizzy Pig's IPA rub & a sweet plum BBQ sauce to make phenomenal smoked wings!


– 1/2 cup DizzyPig IPA Dry Rub – 12 Chicken Wings cut into parts & wings cut off – 1/2 cup Plum Jam

step 1

wings prep

Pat the wings dry, rub DizzyPig IPA Dry Rub all over wings.

Pro Tip I added the dry rub to a Ziploc bag & then added the wings.  Closing and shaking the bag spread the dry rub on the wings evenly!

step 2


Add the chicken wings to the smoker for about 90 mins

step 3

Grill wings on direct heat for 3-4 mins each side to caramelize the outside


Optional: If you are using the plum jam as a glaze, brush it on in the last 2 mins.