WHY YOU'LL LOVE this recipe:

– They are super easy to make!  – Just needs 10 mins of prep – Perfect for finger food and for a delicious dip


– Flour – Yeast – Sugar – Water warm – Salt – Baking Soda – Egg  – Sea Salt

step 1

make the dough in a bread maker

Add the flour, water, salt & yeast to the bread machine basin & turn to the dough cycle

step 2

roll the dough 

When the dough is complete, roll it out onto a lightly floured surface

step 3

cut the dough

Cut them down into strips & one-inch pieces

step 4


Boil water & baking soda, place 6-8 pretzel bites in the water for 30 seconds


Once 30 seconds are up, remove the pretzel bites and place them on a lined sheet pan

step 6

prep to bake

Brush each pretzel bite with the lightly whisked egg & sprinkle with sea salt

step 7


Cook in oven at 425 for  8-10 minutes

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