These Grilled Spatchcock Cornish Hens are extremely easy to make & just need 2 ingredients!


– 1 Cornish Hen – ¼ cup BBQ Rub I used DizzyDust

step 1

Put the cornish hen along one side of the spine with kitchen shears

step 2

When you have cut from one end to the other, cut along the other side of the spine.

step 3

Turn the bird over & flatten it with your hands. And that’s it!  You have just spatchcocked a Cornish hen.

step 4

Grab the coarse ground DizzyDust & liberally coat both sides of the hens

step 5

Place the hen with the skin side up straight on the grate & grill for 15 mins. Then flip to grill on the other side for another 15!

Remove it from the grill & let it rest for 10 mins before serving.