WHY YOU'LL LOVE this recipe:

- quick & easy to make - super delicious  - meal prep friendly 


– Tater Tots frozen, in the bag – Bacon thinly sliced – Cheddar Cheese – Jalapeño – Red/Orange Pepper – Brown Sugar

step 1


Cut the bacon in half. Take one slice of the bacon and lay a tater tot on top.

step 2

make the roll

Add a small piece of cheese, a thin slice of jalapeño & a slice of red pepper & roll it up

step 3

roll in brown sugar

Sprinkle or roll in brown sugar

step 4


Place the wrapped tater tot on a slat cast iron skillet over a hot grill set to 375 degrees

step 5


Grill for about 5 mins.  Remove once both sides are fully cooked