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Easy Grilled  Beer Brat Chili

WHY YOU'LL LOVE this recipe:

- the flavor is going to rock your world! - only needs 10 mins of prep  - its super easy - perfect for BBQs & entertaining

step 1

Add the beer

Add two bottles of beer to a cast iron skillet

step 2

add the brats

Bring the beer to a boil & add the brats. Boil till they are cooked through (about 20 minutes)

step 3

grill the brats

Remove the brats from the beer & grill directly on the grate for about 3 mins (both sides)

step 4

start the chili

Sauté onions & peppers in a little bit of olive oil

step 5

add ground beef 

Add in ground beef & cook until done

step 6

remaining ingredients 

Add the garlic & seasonings. Lastly, add in the beans & tomatoes & stir

step 7

put everything  together

slice the grilled beer brats & add to the chili

step 8


Simmer for 30-90 mins in a disposable pan (doubled up) on the grill