WHY YOU'LL LOVE this recipe:

– It’s a fun & fast recipe Delicious & easy to make – Needs on a handful of ingredients  - A healthy snack that everyone will love!


– Pumpkin Seeds from one large pumpkin – 2 tbsp Butter melted – 1 tbsp Cajun Seasoning

step 1

prep the seeds

Remove the seeds from the pumpkin & wash them off under cold water

step 2

Dry seeds

Remove any excess pumpkin pulp & dry the seeds off overnight

step 3

Prep to grill

Place the seeds in a bowl & toss with melted butter

step 4

add seasoning

Add in the Cajun seasoning. Make sure the seeds are well coated!

step 5 


Place the coated seeds in a disposable pan & smoke them for 45-60 mins

step 6

cool & serve

Remove them from the smoker & allow them to cool