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WHY YOU'LL LOVE this recipe:

- Only tales 5 minutes to prepare & 20 to cook!  - It's a huge crowd pleaser - Super easy & delicious 


– Grilled Beer Corn – Chopped Green Chiles – Green Onions, chopped – Red Pepper, finely chopped – Mayonnaise – Sour Cream – Cotija Cheese & Italian Cheese, grated – Garlic Powder – Pepper, to taste

step 1

prep the corn

Cut the kernels of corn from the ears & put it in a bowl

step 2

add the rest of the ingredients

Add in all the remaining ingredients into the bowl & gently combine

step 3

prep to grill

Place into the dutch oven (or disposable aluminum pan)

step 4


Grill for 15-20 minutes or until heated through & toasty on top


Remove & serve with tortilla chips or a baguette!